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 Su-N Energy Technology will make interstellar travel faster and cleaner, compared to existing rocket propulsion technologies. This will take us into a new age of space exploration, allowing us to further unfold the mysteries of the Universe.

Su-N Energy Technology has the unique capabilities to make energy available grid and off grid. It will be a source of clean, carbon free, safe and abundant energy that will maintain and improve quality of life of our population in all parts of the world.

Invented transmutation technology will make available nuclear medicines on time at a reasonable cost which will play a key role in curing life threatening diseases.

Also radioisotopes will be used for applications relating to industries, agriculture and hydrology.

Our population deserves clean water in all parts of the world. Desalination plants, powered by Su-N Energy Technology, can provide drinking water in areas where potable water is scarce.

Su-N Energy Technology is the next-era solution that makes transmutation possible on commercial scale at a fraction of the cost previously estimated. The technology can be set up on site of nuclear power plants and waste storage facilities thereby eliminating the problems associated with nuclear waste disposal.